Blue Hive v1.2

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Blue Hive v1 by Mea for Docking Station, metaroom, and agent

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::----- BlueHive-CA-preview.txt -----::
An updated set of CAs to make the Blue Hive Preview metaroom warm enough for creatures to survive.
The trees are on the cool side which will hopefully be comfortable enough for the cold loving creatures, while the aquarium bottoms and the underground sections are much warmer.  Hopefully warm enough for TWCs & magmas.
Released for the 2021 CCSF

::----- BlueHive-teleporter-readme.txt -----::
Just a quick teleporter system to help break up certain crowded spots and to help your creature explore more of the Blue Hive.
Thank you Amaikokonut for coding these teleporters.
Released during the CCSF 2021

::----- Blue-Hive-update-readme.txt -----::
This is an update to the Preview of my Blue Hive Metaroom.   Thanks to Verm's navi.cos, the lifts and doors have been straightened out so they now instinct friendly. That's the biggest change in this version.
Updated and released for the CCSF 2021\

Agent Contents

Blue Hive Preview 1.2

This is a preview of the the Blue Hive Metaroom. Basic transportation is in place, but it is otherwise empty for the moment.