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  • Creatures 2
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Completely invisible sprites without any ATTs

Text File Composite

::----- Phantom readme.txt -----::
Hello! Thank you for downloading the Phantom Norn sprites! This sprite
 set was created by Mizgiwir. Now you can create all kinds of weird
 norns, like norns with no head, arms, legs, whatever! You could even 
 create completely invisible norns. 

          All you have to do is put all the files that end in  .s16  into your 
                       Images folder of your Creatures 2 folder.

           NOTE: This sprite set takes up slot Q. If you have any other 
                      sprite sets in slot Q they will be written-over

 If you have the genetics kit or something similar you can then 
 assign certain body parts to be of Norn type Q. Then that body part of that
 norn will be invisible! If you don't have the genetics kit, don't worry!
 You see those files that end in .gen .gln .gno? Well, put them all into the Genetics folder of your
 Creatures 2 folder. Then put all the files that end in .egg  in
 the Eggs folder of your Creatures 2 folder. You might want to  
 move the eggs already in that folder to another folder so you can easily
 tell which eggs are the Phantom norn eggs. 
 If you have downloaded new norn breeds before, you are probably 
 wondering "Where the HECK are the .att files!". Well due to the fact that
 the Phantom norn sprites are invisible, they don't need .att files, It 
 doesn't matter if they don't connect right if you can't see them. :)

 Enjoy the Phantom Norns!

 The Phantom Norns were created by Mizgiwir. 


Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Norn: 'q'
	- MALE: [Child]
	- FEMALE: [Child]