By Darcie Clements

    Welcome to Random Access.  This web site is dedicated to the high quality entertainment items from the recent past and present.  Most of our pages focus on Artificial Life, however, several other areas are covered.  Among our sites are the Creatures Collection, the Petz Collection, and our very own creation, Growing Internet Pets.  They are in the form of friendly dragons, but do not fear, they are totally kid safe ;)  I hope you enjoy your visit and if you like us, bookmark us!

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Random Access Branches:

News Archive: In 1999 I placed updates on this page and Archived them.
Pokemon Point: I wouldn't even bother looking.(Dead, no longer updated)
Darcie's NetMonsters: Looking for Nodes, Oracles, Bosses or a surtain type of NetMonster? We have got it! (Dead, no longer updated)
Adopt a Dragon:  Adopt the Original Growing Internet Pet!
Darcie's Creature's 3:  Get the facts on C3 and download Agents, Breeds and more!
Where's The Creature?:  Looking for a C1, C2 or C3 norn breed?  Come here to find it! (Text Only)
Darcie's Oddballz: Some parts broken, but still great Oddballz site (Dead, no longer updated)(This was my origenal site started in 1995)
New Oddballz Breedz:  Tired of old breeds?  Well download the first ever HEXED BREEDS! (Dead, no longer updated)
New Petz 2 Breedz:  Want a Bunny in Petz 2?  How about a Squirrel?  Come here to download them. (Dead, no longer updated)
New Petz 1 Breedz:  Tired of the same Dogz and Catz?  Why not get a Boston or other new breed? These are very nice. (Dead, no longer updated)
My Adopted Petz (Down):  Have you seen my old webpets page? I lost it's address!
Darcie's Chickens: Lots of fun chicken facts and downloads. (Sluggish, I update only when I have time so the info may be outdated)
US Government as of 2000:Bored? Well if your not, read this old school project of mine and you will be.(Static Site)
A Midsummer Night's Dream:Another school project. An all picture version of one of Shakespeare's more bizar plays. (Static Site)
Disclaimers: The typical legal junk.
Staff: Our helpers. (Down, I don't get much help any more)
Ettins, Grendles and Friends (Archive):  We lost it to a hacker, but not everything.  Thanks to the help of others we now have most of the old C2 downloads available once again for download!!! (Dead, this site is achivel only)