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C2toDS Boney Grendelsedit

A complete redo of a C3/DS version of the boney grendels from creatures 2, starting from the original c2 sprites and scaling/adjusting/etc to fit them to mostly standard body data and completely compa

Bry Norns Remasterededit

Brys have the really neat gimmick of containing sprite parts from all of the creatures games that feature unique art. This remaster is a complete cleanup of the bry norns by Erling! Remaster cleans u

Bacteria Filteredit

A tool with one button to completely remove all bacteria in the metaroom it's in repeatedly over time, and another button to periodically release bacteria from it. The bacteria are adjusted to be less

Jar of Buttonsedit

A jar of little buttons for your creature to play with. They are classified as actual buttons and stim appropriately. Shift-click the jar to remove all nearby buttons, or shift-click a button to remov

Bag of Choco Rocksedit

A bag full of scrumptious candy-coated chocolate rocks. Come in many variants directly based on background rocks from C2! Bag classifies as a vendor and the choco rocks are a food. Original unaltered

Tunnel Ettin Gen 26 Packedit

Requires Tunnel Ettin. "I just got finished running a semi-wolfling (feral?) run of pure Tunnel Ettins till I got to the end of the alphabet - Gen 26. In the last few generations, I did screening spe