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A magical horn of plenty. Dispenses food, fruit and seeds, and blows bubbles which creatures find fun to play with.

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::----- hm_cornucopia3.txt -----::
Cornucopia V3.0 for Creatures 3 and Docking Station 
-- hm_cornucopia3.txt - October 15, 2001

Version 3.0
   Fixes a bug in the Bubble Remover Agent

Version 2.0
   This version limits the number of bubble toys in the world, 
   to keep from slowing the game. Bubbles are also more likely
   to pop, and the dispenser can now be activated with a push
   or a pull.


                 --- DISTRIBUTION ---
Do not place this agent on your webpage without receiving
permission from the author first. Please use the contact info 
supplied below to ask for permission.

E-mail:    *****

                 --- Installation ---

If you have C3, to use this agent you must have the C3 update 

To see if you have the update press ctrl-shift-enter to put 
Creatures 3 into windowed mode. The window should say 
'Creatures 3 - Engine 1.162'. You must start a new world for 
the update to take effect. Worlds created prior to the update 
will not inject agents correctly, even if you have installed 
the C3 update. Press ctrl-shift-enter to get back to 
full-screen mode.

If you are using Docking Station, don't worry, everything 
should work fine.

Agent Contents

Bubble Remover

Pops all Cornucopia bubbles without removing the dispensers.

C3 Bubble Remover

Pops Cornucopia bubbles without removing the dispensers.

Cornucopia v3 for C3

Cornucopia: Creatures 3 by *****


Cornucopia v3 for DS

Cornucopia: Docking Station by ***** Version 3.