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  • Spotling
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Cheese Strings by Spotling for Creatures 1, a food agents

Text File Composite

::----- Cheese.txt -----::
Cheese1.cob⇥Row of cheese along the cellar,
⇥⇥shower up to raft under garden
Cheese2.cob⇥Row of cheese along the garden,
⇥⇥house up to the bridge

Readme for Modified Cheese COBs

Please copy the .cob files into your Creatures folder.  These COBs use the same  .spr file as regular cheese.

This cheese has the same properties as regular cheese.  The only difference is that these COBs inject many, many pieces of cheese all at once.  This is helpful if you plan to leave your Creatures game running  for a long time while you are not at your computer.

You can make more of your own COBs like these with Sandra Linkletter's XY Locator, which you can download from her Slink's Burrow Online website at

Quantity: 255
No expiration.

Family:         2
Genus:          6
Species:        1
Class:   33947904

These COBs were created with Alexander Laemmle's Creature's Object Editor 1.5, which you can download from his Beowulf website at
These COBs are free, and you may offer them on your own website if you wish. We would appreciate it if you mention that you got them from Spotling and/or add a link to our website.

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