Osiris v1.5 Peace Edition

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Peaceful version of the 1.5 Osiris Norns

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::----- readme.txt -----::
Readme file for Osiris Norn v1.5 Peace Edition

This file is the readme for the v1.5 release of Osiris Norn Peace Edition.
The file Osiris15_pe.zip contains this readme text, an egg agent file,
and the raw genome for Osiris 1.5 Peace Edition. Hopefully these three
files will provide for all your needs using the Osiris Norn v1.5 Peace
Edition in your worlds. Please note that to use the egg agent file you
must have the latest version of Creatures 3. This is usually accomplished
by downloading the patch upgrade from the Cyberlife website, and running it.


This is the "Peace Edition" of Osiris v1.5, developed for those of the C3 users
whom run peaceful societies in thier C3 worlds. As I had suspected, the
development of Osiris v1.5 and it's behavioral properties aleinated it from
users who preferred to use species like Lis Morris' "Peace Grendels".
Although the Peace Grendel is basically a Norn in Grendel's clothing,
Osiris v1.5 and Set Norn 1.0 would identify it only as a Grendel, and attack
it mercilessly, just as they should. The problem, of course, is that *any* Ettin
or Grendel simply doesn't stand a chance against a medium to large
population of angry Osiris or Set norns, let alone a peaceful Grendel or

So, in the interest of peace, Osiris v1.5 PE was born. Osiris v1.5 PE will not
attack any other Creature, and even a minor slap is met with a satisfying dose of
punishment. Any time Osiris v1.5 PE is hit, it's fear and pain levels cause it to retreat
from the attacker, no matter the species. And lastly, in effort to add both humor and
perhaps an added bit of survival to the species, Osiris v1.5 will attempt to horde eggs.
In practice, this may greatly reduce the Grendel efforts to steal eggs, as Osiris v1.5 will
boldly stride up to any creature and attempt to take the egg it is carrying, and then
jealously guard it from others. In a group setting, this can provide some entertainment as
a herd of Norns play "capture the egg", fleeing with thier prize when successful.

In all other respects, Osiris v1.5 PE is the same genetically as the standard Osiris v1.5.



Agent Contents

Osiris v1.5 Peace Edition - Egg Agent