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Enhanced ChiChi Norns by Daikaze and Ratboy for Docking Station, contains an egg agent

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::----- Enhanced ChiChi Readme.rtf -----::
Enhanced ChiChi
  Daikaze - main developer
 Ratboy - brain builder
 Silvak - made the egg agent
 Creatures Community - think tank :)
  Place the file into your agents directory. After you inject it into the game the genetics will appear in the genetics folder. It's really that easy.
  These norns can be quite a handful because they enjoy the use of teleporters. Thankfully these creatures are capable survivors and don't full attention from the hand. Because these creatures breed less than normal it is recommended that you start with at least 12 norns (6 of each gender) to ensure that they breed, even more is recommended if you use a large world. 
  What is the Enhanced ChiChi?
 I got tired of some of the major issues that developed over time with creatures so I fixed it. Here is a changelog: 
 The major change is the addition of some brain genetics (thanks to Ratboy). These new genetics cause the norns to need other norns while young and during the teen years the norns will try and avoid other norns. 
 I've added a hunger > all organ. This organ functions like the fearly and painly organs. The purpose is simply to ensure that norns eat instead of breed.
 There is an organ labeled "new organ" and it is simply an all-round organ. I use the "new organ" to store various genes that don't need a completely new organ. Here is a quick list of things it takes care of:
 ·	 go up when drowning
 ·	afraid of death (via low ATP or low Energy)
 ·	Older norns gain pain, crowdedness, and have a reduce loneliness over time. These result in older norns having a hard time living and they like to be alone before they die.
 ·	Older norns also have a weakened immune system (reduced prostaglandin)
 ·	Older norns also tire easily.
 ·	Sick (defined as having antigens) norns gain crowded so they will leave the herd.
 There is also a new breeding organ. This organ reduces thew ability for older norns to breed.
 I've included a few stimulus and instinct genes as well. These genes are responsible for some interesting things.
 ·	 Norns gain food for traveling... but there is a gene that cancels it out silently (norns just think that they get food from traveling)
 ·	Norns are made temporarily sterile after mating (successful or not).
 ·	When a creature pats/hits another creature the recieving creature gains reward/punishment as if the hand performed the action.
 ·	Norns now know to use dispensers when in need of protien and carbs.
 ·	Norns now know to "push portal" in the same way they knew to "push teleporter"
 ·	Norns now know to hit other norns and ettins when angry (like they do with grendels)
 The norns also have enhanced immunities.
 All new genetics are at the end of the gene file to prevent any breeding mishaps.

Agent Contents

Chichi Norn Enhanced - Egg Agent