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Injects a single (but large!) chocolate sundae into the hand. Decreases hunger, gives starch and glucose, and makes the creature a little bit colder. Uses class number 2 6 62.

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::----- chocolate Sundae.txt -----::
Chocolate Sundae

Here is a chocolate Sundae. It is made from 100% natural ingredients and is the natural way to cool down your Norns this summer. 

This is what it does:
⇥Hunger:       --168 
⇥Glucose:        200
⇥starch:         170
⇥Coldness:       150

Object Numbers:
Family 2 Genus 6 species 62

Files included
 Chocolate Sundae.cob
 Chocolate Sundae.rcb
 Chocolate Sundae remover.cob

This cob is made by Helen please do not distribute it in ANY form (web page, cd-ROM) unless you have permission. 
email: *****
UIN: 3378233

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Chocolate Sundae


Chocolate Sundae Remover