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A stove that dispenses poultry. The Stove will appear automatically up in the Norn house, next to where the Norns land when they're imported in C3.

Created by Spirit of The Haunted Creatures Shack.

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::----- C3_STOVE_READ_ME_FIRST!.txt -----::
C3 Stove
Unzip the files into their appropriate directories as specified below.
Place the file that ends with the word .agent into your C3 "My Agents" directory.
Place the file ending with  .c16 into your C3 "Images" directory.

NOTE: The Stove will appear automatically up in the norn house,next to where the norns land when they're imported so you won't see it down at the Creator machine when you first press the Creator button.

You will then need to go to the Creator Machine in C3 to inject the cob.Just scroll through all of the agents until you find the one you want.

To remove,try pressing the little grey button on the Creator machine,the one that gets installed with the C3 update patch from the C3 Home page...
If that doesn't work,and it doesn't for me,just toss any cobs that you don't want into an air lock and have them ejected and destroyed by pressing the button that opens the air lock.
 If a more efficient way of removing cobs comes along,I'll be sure to update my files to reflect this.

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A stove that dispenses poultry


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C16 Preview - stove[1]
C16 Preview - stove[1]
C16 Preview - stove[3]
C16 Preview - stove[3]