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330-updated-gaius for Creatures 3, contains new genetics

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::----- Updated-Gaius-Readme.txt -----::
Updated Gaius Genome
By Jessica of Discover Albia

** IMPORTANT ** This breed requires the original Gaius by Ghosthande in order to show up correctly in a world. Make sure that the breed's sprites and body data files are installed prior to hatching any Gaius. The original download can be found at Breeders Beware (http://www.family-gathering.org/bbw/breeds.php). **

This download includes the updated Gaius genome. Only three minor edits were included, but this should make the Gaius more suitable to interact with other Gaius. Most importantly, mating should occur more often than with the original Gaius. The following instincts have been updated:

- #448 "Mating instinct" now associates the sex drive decrease with another Gaius (Geat)
- #457 "Approach if lonely" now associates the loneliness decrease with another Gaius (Geat)
- #462 "Retreat if crowded" now associates the crowdedness decrease with another Gaius (Geat)

In essence, this updated genome should mostly benefit Gaius who live almost solely with other Gaius. The original genome associated these three instincts with Norns, which didn't necessarily cause problems, but often slowed down breeding. Gaius who act as companions to Norns do not require this updated genome.


Place all genetics files (.gen and .gno) in the C3/DS Genetics folder.


The original Gaius are credited to Ghosthande, who created everything from the sprites and body data to the special genetic structure. They can be downloaded at Breeders Beware (http://www.family-gathering.org/bbw/breeds.php).

You are free to share and distribute these files under the following conditions:

1.) Credit is always given to Jessica of Discover Albia.
2.) A link back to Discover Albia (http://discoveralbia.blogspot.com) is always provided.

Feel free to report any bugs or problems to the following e-mail address. Enjoy!

Jessica of Discover Albia