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Mountain Norns by Arnout for Docking Station, contains a new sprite breed

Text File Composite

::----- Readme.txt -----::
First of all; thank you very much for downloading the Mountain Norns.

Besides this readme, this .zip file includes an egg agent and CFE genomes for the Mountain Norns.
By default, the egg agent automatically installs the sprites and body data files of this Norn breed,
as well as CFF genome files. You can use whatever type of genome you like, but not both of them.

The Mountain Norns have sprites for 4 life ages and take up Norn slot G.

Have fun!

::----- Genomes.txt -----::
Genetic differences: (Compared to the DS ChiChi)

- Changed slots to Norn G.
- All appearance genes cannot mutate, duplicate or be cut out of the genome.
*Facial expressions
- All  facial expression genes cannot mutate, duplicate or be cut out of the genome.
- All gait genes cannot mutate, duplicate or be cut out of the genome.
- All pigment genes are dormant and cannot mutate, duplicate or be cut out of the genome.
*Pigment bleeds
- All pigment bleed genes cannot be duplicated or be cut out of the genome.
*Half lives
- Increased the half life of 'Life' to slider 102.
- The depletion of wounds (-> slider 53) and injuries (-> slider 47) is twice as fast.
- Hunger for carb reduced. (+1 every 41 ticks)
- Hunger for protein reduced. (+1 every 40 ticks)
- Hunger for fat reduced. (+1 every 40 ticks)
- Boredom gain increased (+2 instead of +1)
- Sleepiness reduced. (+2 instead of +4)
- Go home to lay eggs (comfort) gene is dormant.
#Drives organ
- Pain (1) drive is reduced. (207 gain -> 196 gain)
- Hunger for protein (2) drive is reduced. (209 -> 202)
- Hunger for carb (3) drive is reduced. (255 -> 242)
- Hunger for fat (4) drive is reduced. (205 -> 204)
- Coldness (5) drive is reduced. (204 -> 102)
- Heat (6) drive is reduced. (204 -> 153)
- Tiredness (7) drive is reduced. (223 -> 217)
- Sleepiness (8) drive is reduced. (211 -> 201)
- Crowded (10) drive is increased. (209 -> 238)
- Fear (11) drive is increased. (209 -> 225)
- Boredom (12) drive is increased. (211 -> 222)
- Anger (13) drive is reduced. (202 -> 173)
- All genes related to breathing cannot mutate, duplicate or be cut out of the genome.

::----- CCSF;Summary.txt -----::
The Mountain Norns are hardy Creatures that originate from a frigid world. They have evolved to be very temperature-resistant and have a lot of stamina.
They're efficient hikers and have a fast recovery rate from wounds and injuries. Although they're usually solitary travellers and get bored rather quickly,
they are not difficult to raise and will definitely get along well with your other Norns. Their favourite toys are gadgets; and if you can keep 
them occupied they will not run away to find these. Just like normal Norns, their diet consists of food, fruits and seeds. They just don't eat as much as
your average Norns.

The Mountain Norns feature sprites for four different life stages (baby, adolescent, adult and old) and occupy norn slot G.

Agent Contents

Mountain Norn - Egg Agent

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Norn: 'g'
	- MALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult, Old]
	- FEMALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult, Old]

Breed Images

Breed C3NG preview
Breed C3NG preview
cd3c - Breed C3NG.png
cd3c - Breed C3NG.png

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