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::----- New Creatures.html -----::
[The Golden Desert Norn]

Four new eggs will be shown in your hatchery to give you a stock of the new Golden Desert Norns to compliment your current Norn population.
You can breed these with your existing Norns to create never seen before variations.

Female Grendels and Ettins

The Life Kit will give you graphics for both female Ettins and Grendels. This will allow you to create females from the gene-splicer and also from the new [Metamorph device](New Objects.html#metamorph). Grendels and Ettins will not be able to breed in the wild, though, as they have no sex organs. []

::----- New Objects.html -----::

Life Kit #1 for Creatures 2 adds eight new objects that you can inject into Albia. These are called COB files (Creatures OBject). To add the new objects use the Agent Injector applet, from the Tools menu in Creatures 2. Consult the Creatures 2 help file or manual if you are unfamiliar with the Agent Injector applet.

The new objects are:

new objects.html#1 The Cage Swing

new objects.html#2 UFO Lander

new objects.html#3 The Flying Saucer

new objects.html#4 The Metamorph Device

new objects.html#5 Aubergine

new objects.html#6 The Stone of Ancient Knowledge

new objects.html#7 Freeze Gun

new objects.html#8 Helicopter

[The Cage Swing]

The Cage Swing is a swing that creatures can ride in. It can be operated by a creature or with the hand object. If a creature is playing with it, "push" will start the cage swinging and "stop" will release a creature in the cage and returns the swing to its rest position.
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[The UFO Lander]

The UFO Lander is a device for exploring the world. It has three controls, thrust, left and right. You need to keep clicking on the thrust button to keep the UFO Lander in the air. If it hits the ground with too much speed, it will explode - so be careful!
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[The Flying Saucer]

The Flying Saucer is a great device for rescuing Norns or transporting them around Albia in a hurry! When you inject the Flying Saucer object into Albia you'll see an alien beacon to the left of the incubator. You can carry this around. If you click on the beacon, then a flying saucer will appear and carry the currently selected Norn to the beacon! If you wish to cancel the operation, click on the beacon before the flying saucer appears and you'll save the selected creature from being abducted!

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[The Metamorph Device]


::----- C2_Life1HelpT.html -----::
[The World Switcher Applet](world switcher.html)

[New Objects](New Objects.html)

- [Aubergine](New Objects.html#5)
- [The Cageswing](New Objects.html#1)
- [Flying Saucer](New Objects.html#3)
- [Freeze Gun](New Objects.html#7)
- [Solar Powered Helicopter](New Objects.html#8)
- [Metamorph Device](New Objects.html#4)
- [Stone of Ancient Knowledge](New Objects.html#6)
- [UFO Lander](New Objects.html#2)
[New Creatures](New Creatures.html)

- [Golden Desert Norn](New Creatures.html#goldy)
- [Female Grendel](New Creatures.html#female)
- [Female Ettin](New Creatures.html#female)

::----- World Switcher.html -----::
Using the WorldSwitcher Applet

The World Switcher applet appears when you run Creatures 2 and allows you to select which world you wish to run from a drop down list. The first time you run Creatures 2 after installing the Life Kit #1, you will only have one option to choose from. This is automatically set as the default, so if you do not wish to create extra worlds you can click on the OK button to launch Creatures 2 as normal.

To create a new world:
Click on the "Create Game >>" button. Enter a name for your new world (any existing worlds will not be affected by this, so don't worry about losing existing Norns!). If you wish to password protect your new world so that prying eyes cannot get to your creatures, enter a password in the appropriate edit box. Do not to forget your password if you choose to password protect a world. If you lose the password you will not be able to access the creatures inside it.

To choose which world to run:
When you start Creatures 2, a list of all worlds you have created is shown in a list box. Select the one you wish to load and click on the OK button to launch Creatures 2.

So, how does this all work then?
The WorldSwitcher creates some new folders in your Creatures 2 folder, and some new entries in the registry to track the different worlds that you have. Be careful not to tamper with these settings as you could lose worlds and creatures.

::----- Credits.html -----::
Lead Agent Engineering	Mark Ashton
Agent Engineering	John Ferguson & Jon Skuse
Graphics	Sean Nicholls, Colin Swinbourne, Ceri LLewellyn, Paul Simon & Darren Thomas
Programming	Alima Adams
Product Tester	Oscar Wilkinson
Additional Testing	Dee Steeves & Lis Morris
Producer	Ben Simpson

Agent Contents

Aubergine Plant

A new plant for the biopods. tasty and nutritious.


Cage Swing

The cage swing can be used as a means of crossing a gap at the bottom of the waterfall. It can be activated either by you or by a creature.

Flying Saucer

This flying saucer will beam up the currently selected norn when activated with the alien beacon and deliver the norn to the beacon's location.


Freeze Gun

Fires ice bullets. If an ice bullet hits any creature, it will be encapsulated by a giant ice cube. Don't worry, the ice will melt provided the room is not too cold.



Originally designed by the Shee, this flying machine requires sunlight to power it. Any creature who gets his paws on this dream machine will be the envy of all the other creatures.


Metamorph Device

Used to create a creature of the opposite sex by destructively cloning. The donor will suffer immense damage but you can still give them a headstone and remember their sacrifice.


Stone of Ancient Knowledge

When kissed this stone will grant the power of eloquent speech. Where this knowledge comes from is unknown, although the creature will start calling themselves by a new, ancient name.

UFO Lander

A device you can use to explore parts of the world you haven't been too. Use skill to fly the craft around the world without losing it. If you land it too hard it will be destroyed.

Metamorph Humane

A different version of the metamorph that completely atomises the donor creature - you will not have to see the creature suffer, but you can not give it a headstone.


Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Grendel: 'a'
	- FEMALE: [Child, Youth]

Breed Slot - Norn: 'k'
	- FEMALE: [Child, Youth, Old]
	- MALE: [Child, Youth, Old]

Breed Slot - Ettin: 'a'
	- FEMALE: [Child]

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