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  • Andrew Carroll
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This is a carryable potion machine. It behaves the same as the potion machine in the bridge, but has an energy tank that lets it store energy when the ship has a surplus for faster recharging.

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::----- medicine maker2.txt -----::
Improved Potion Machine
⇥⇥⇥⇥By: Andrew Carroll
⇥⇥⇥⇥Contact: *****@rcn.com
⇥⇥⇥⇥Version: 1.0
⇥⇥⇥⇥Program: Creatures 3


This will create an improved potion make into your world. This one is has all
the features of the one already in C3 and is carryable. Most importantly,
though is its "energy tank." This lets the potion maker siphon off bioenergy
from the ship when energy is very high (over 800) so that when the machine is
used, if it has energy in the tank it will recharge more quickly by drawing
on its own stores. This can increase the maximum amount of useable energy the
ship can store and allows you to use the potion machine wherever you need it
for a longer period of time. If the tank is empty, the machine will have to
draw on the ship's stores and will recharge at a slower rate. The tank can
hold a maximum of 100 units (4000 units of bioenergy)


folder, unzip "medicine maker2.cos" into the
"C:\Program Files\Creatures 3\Bootstrap\001 World" folder. This will ensure
that future worlds will begin with these new carrots in them. To inject
into an already started world, open the "medicine maker2.cos" file with a cos
editor. Cut and paste the contents into Chris Double's C3 CAOS injector
(www.double.co.nz/creatures) and inject


Nothing yet, it seems C3 has an engine quite capable of handling rouge agents
anyway. If you need a remover, I suppose I'll make one if you e-mail me.


Images done by Cyberlife
Chris Double for his C3 CAOS injector