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DSBugZapperMNB for Docking Station, agent

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::----- BugZapper ReadMe.txt -----::
Bug Zapper    DS/DS Docked/C3 Version 1.0 July, 17/03

⇥Place the .agents file in your C3 or DS "My agents" folder,
this file will work in C3 or DS, load DS or C3 and inject the agent, files
needed will be placed into there correct folders automatically.


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Agent Contents

Bug Zapper

Bring some of creatures survivor back to your game! This is MNB's Bug Zapper! Now you can get rid of all those pests in your world to! With a cool stationary and seeking function the zapper is everything you need to keep your norns safe from pests! Images & Coding By: MNB.