The Osiris Norn v1.5

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Improved and slightly aggressive version of the 1.4 Osiris norns

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::----- readme.txt -----::
Readme file for Osiris Norn v1.5

This file is the readme for the v1.5 release of Osiris Norn. The file contains this readme text, an egg agent file, and the raw
genome for Osiris 1.5. Hopefully these three files will provide for all
your needs using the Osiris Norn v1.5 in your worlds. Please note that
to use the egg agent file you must have the latest version of Creatures
3. This is usually accomplished by downloading the patch upgrade from
the Cyberlife website, and running it.


Iy yi yi where to begin.... At first, I had wondered just how I could ever do
enough to Osiris v1.4 to make another release happen. I had thought that
Osiris was as good as it could pretty much get. The first thing to change
my opinion of that was that suddenly the facial expressions weren't working
right, apparantly a side effect of the patch upgrade. Then some discoveries
led to adjustments in the behavioral responses to reproductive related stimuli.
Finally, a new side-project was conducted, named "Set", after the brother of
Osiris who ultimately killed him. The idea was to produce a Norn-freindly hybrid
creature whose sole purpose was to attack and kill Grendels and Ettins. While
turning out to be rather unpredictable, the Set project had produced stunning
advances in the area of self defense. After I was fairly pleased with the Set project
results, I found a way to add the crucial Ettin and Grendel attack genes to Osiris,
without disrupting too much of Osiris' character. Then alot of time, patience,
observation, and tweaking later, I was FINALLY ready... Whew!

The results?

* Osiris 1.5 now becomes flirtatious when tickled by the opposite sex
* Osiris 1.5 hatchlings run from Grendels like they are on fire
* Greatly enhanced facial range gives Osiris 1.5 MUCH more character
* Child-stage and older Osiris 1.5 Norns learn to attack and kill Grendels and Ettins
* Osiris 1.5 will attempt to eat bugs and critters when hungry for protien

Obviously, the main change in Osiris is the attack instinct. Never before has
Osiris been able to adequately defend against Grendel attacks and Ettin disruptions.

Agent Contents

The Osiris Norn v1.5 - Egg Agent