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Undine Norns for Docking Station, contains a new sprite breed

Text File Composite

::----- undine_norns_readme.txt -----::
Undine Norns 

The Undine Norns are a breed that feel comfortable in a submarine world. They have fins, but cannot swim. 

The sprites occupy Slot Ettin L (overwrites the Lemming Ettins)
The sprites and body data are NOT free to use for other breeds!

Spykkie: original idea, designer and project initiator who drew all the images for the norns
Silvak: Worked on sprite clean up for a time, but had to leave early in the project.
Alien: Official Sprite corrector and body data modifier.
TheBlackSoul: Genetics modifier and vendor creator. 
Akaineko: Official beta tester.

The Sprites and Body Data are NOT to be used for any other breed!

Undine's Story 

(by Spykkie)

One day, a lone Shee traveled to a world unknown...
A few tiny islands floated about an immense, seemingly endless sea... Though the view was beautiful, the Shee was disappointed, as she did not expect to find any norns on such small pieces of land...

There was far too little land for them to prosper here, the thought... But then, she saw something move! Right there! There were norns! Fleeing towards the ocean! Far from being scared of the water, the little things jumped right in!

Stunned at first, the Shee decided to investigate, and with the help of Shee technology, was able to successfully dive deep into the ocean. To her great surprise, there were dozens of healthy norns, living under water! These seemed small... smaller then other norns she'd seen... but it seemed to be has big as they could get... 

She giggled a bit, finding them too cute to pass, and picked up a couple of freshly laid eggs from the sandy ocean floor to bring them back with her...

Later, she tried to name her new discovery... they were obviously norns, amphibious norns, but what to name their breed?

Feeling a strange nostalgia, she looked in books of her childhood, where magical beings could be found, in stories and myths... That's where she saw the picture of an old friend, long forgotten... She was ‘Undine’, a water spirit of her favorit tale...
She looked back at the newly hatched, tiny norn babies she now had, and it was decided.
Their breed would be the 'Undine norns'. The beautiful water spirits who would soon populate the artificial sea of her ship.


1. Download the three files and a starter norn pair coloured or not and unzip them
2. Copy the sprites in the "images" folder, the body data files into the "body data" folder
3. Copy the .gen file in the folder "genetics" and the ".creatures" file in the folder "my creatures". You can now import the creatures and play with them as parents creatures. 

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Ettin: 'l'
	- MALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult]
	- FEMALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult]

Breed Images

Breed C3EL preview
Breed C3EL preview
Breed C3EL preview
Breed C3EL preview
9acf - Breed C3EL
9acf - Breed C3EL