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Injects a new layer sprite for the greenhouse - now your norns walk through it, rather than in front of it!

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::----- Greenhouse.txt -----::

                 The Greenhouse Cob
                      by Freya

For questions or comments, contact *****
You´re always welcome for a visit at
Hello norn gardener!
This cob will inject a greenhouse on top of the old one, so your norns can now go into the greenhouse!

What will it do?
The greenhouse is invisible to your norns, thus they will not be affected.

How do I use this cob?
1.Open your Creatures directory.
2.Copy the files Greenhouse and GreenhRem into the      Creatures main directory.
3.Copy the file gree into the Creatures/Images
4.When running Creatures, use a Cob Injector to inject
  the Greenhouse cob. A cob injector can 
  be downloaded from The Official Creatures site, at
Your new greenhouse is ready for use!

How do I get rid of this cob?

Copy the file GreenhRem into your Creatures directory if you haven´t already. Use the Injector to inject the GreenhRem cob. The new greenhouse will then disappear.

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P.S. Look at my site for crops that can be grown in your greenhouse. I´ll have them ready for shipping in a week or two.
Freya 1/8 -98

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Greenhouse Remover

The Greenhouse Cob