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2022 Egg Agents by Liil for Docking Station, contains egg agents

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::----- readme.txt -----::
The 2022 Egg Agents

Place the preferred .agent files in your "My Agents" folder in your Docking Station folder.

Feel free to upload and edit the 2022 Egg Agents. Please mention me Liil/Skandarella if you upload them on your own Creatures website.
If you have questions or feedback, send me a message on Creatures Caves to my account (Liil)

Agent Contents

2022BananaCFE - Egg Agent

2022BananaCFF - Egg Agent

2022BananaNORMAL - Egg Agent

2022BananaTWB - Egg Agent

2022GrendelCFE - Egg Agent

2022GrendelCFF - Egg Agent

2022GrendelNORMAL - Egg Agent

2022GrendelTCB - Egg Agent

2022HorseCFE - Egg Agent

2022HorseCFF - Egg Agent

2022HorseNORMAL - Egg Agent

2022HorseTWB - Egg Agent

2022PixieCFE - Egg Agent

2022PixieCFF - Egg Agent

2022PixieNORMAL - Egg Agent

2022PixieTWB - Egg Agent