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  • Creatures 3
  • Uttar
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Mt. Threstle (UTAM Room) v1.1 by Uttar for Creatures 3, metaroom, and toy, fruit, food and vendor agent

Text File Composite

::----- Mt. Threstle.txt -----::
Mt. Threstle

Part 1: Installing the room

We suppose than Creatures3 is installed in C:\Program Files\Creatures 3
If it is not, you need to delete the files manually to be sure there is no problem updating/conflict.
The files which needs to be deleted:

And the following must be put in the Creatures3\MyAgents folder ( Even if you use the .bat file ):
Note: After deleting these files, any world which was having the room will not be usable and would crash.
To fix that; you must create another world, insert the room in that world and delete that world
Then, execute the world you was having and delete the room and uninstall it from that world then reinstall it!
There you go, it's perfectly installed in the world it was in! :)
Next time, first remove Mt. Threstle from all your worlds, THEN install the new version!
If Creatures 3 is installed in C:\Program Files\Creatures 3 
and than you have an English version ( might work with other versions) , 
then execute the UTAM_Room_Files.bat and put the .agents file in the MyAgents directory.
UTAM_Room_Files does delete ALL the old files. It's useless to use it if it's the first time you use this Room.
The errors are not important, They are quite... Normal if you never installed Mt.Threstle.
If it is not installed in the "C:\Program Files\Creatures 3", then you must delete the old files manualy. 
Nothing important, it's just to be saying the files can't be found :)

Part 2: In-Game installation/uninstallation


Agent Contents

Mt Threstle

Have a look at it! It's a cool holiday room!