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The Supernamer was created by Markham Carroll as an alternate to the Autonamer for C3/DS. Rather than using single words, though, the Supernamer makes up names from randomly selected particles. This provides a much wider array of names to be utilized.

** Note: For an even greater variety of names, see c1anddsaddict's Supernamer Replacement File for an expanded catalogue file. **

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::----- supernamerREADME.txt -----::
* supernamer.agent for CREATURES 3 and DOCKER STATION *

This is the Supernamer.  Like the Autonamer, the Supernamer will automatically name your unnamed Creatures.  Unlike the Autonamer, the Supernamer will make up names from randomly selected particles which provides much more variety (nearly endless, even) in names than what you would get with the Autonamer.


Put the .agent file in the "My Agents" directory of C3 or DS.

Made by Markham Carroll

Markham's Nornland

*  e-mail: ***** *

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