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thorny_grendel_565 by Mockery for Creatures 2, contains a new sprite breed, and 2 grendel exports

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::----- thorny_grendel_readme.txt -----::
Thorny Grendels for C2 (1.0)

This readme contains detailed information about the care and feeding of
Thorny Grendels, plus installation instructions for the breed.

If this file was not contained in a Breed Installer program, but came
in a ZIP with a bunch of other files, you will probably need to place 
all those files in their appropriate directories before you can hatch 
a Thorny Grendel:

          ATT files : Creatures 2/Body Data
          S16 files : Creatures 2/Images
          GEN files : Creatures 2/Genetics
          EGG files : Creatures 2/Eggs
          EXP files : Creatures 2

Neither particularly smart nor particularly friendly, Thorny Grendels 
have two hobbies: hitting things and breeding. Occasionally they do 
both at the same time. Norns, Ettins, Shee, whatever... If it's moving,
chances are a Thorny Grendel will either try to beat it up or get 
extremely friendly with it (should it happen to be another Grendel). 

Although not for lack of trying, Thorny Grendels are only breedable 
with Lis Morris' Breed Grendels cob, which is available at the Palace 
of the Evil Shee. 

Thorny Grendels occupy no particular place in the Albian ecology. With 
instincts geared mainly towards hitting all sorts of things, they do not
play well with others.  Otherwise, they're normal Grendels; same
lifespan, same strengths and weaknesses.  Males and females can only be
distinguished from one another through a close examination of their 
tails; males have tails like those of the Bulbous Grendels, while 
females have a thick spiky tail.

While the Thorny sprites and att files have been tweaked together as 
well as I could manage, I expect they'll look really odd when 
crossbred with other Creatures.
The Thorny Grendels occupy Slot V. 

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Grendel: 'v'
	- FEMALE: [Child]
	- MALE: [Child]

Creature Contents

Name: Smack
Genus: Grendel
Gender: Male


Name: Smite
Genus: Grendel
Gender: Female

Breed Images

Breed C2GV preview
Breed C2GV preview
Breed C3GV preview
Breed C3GV preview
811c - Breed C3GV
811c - Breed C3GV