Glacier Ettin (Remastered)

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Original File Alexandria Infussi - 2021-12-30 06.19.55 -
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  • Jesseth
  • CosmicSynthetics
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Note: The original Glacier Ettin genome has some unique care requirements and quirks. They become bored if too warm and thrive in the cold, which makes them friendlier. Though prolific breeders that age to maturity more quickly than normal ettins, they're very prone to becoming crowded and overwhelmed. To help with this, it's best to only keep a couple at once or keep a small band of them in a large, cool room like Chione. Interestingly, they are drawn to norn home instead of ettin home when seeking comfort, so keep this in mind when setting up a habitat for them.

Text File Composite

Thank you for downloading Remastered Glacier Ettins! These are a lovingly made revamp of the original Glacier Ettins by Avocado.

Included in this folder you will find an egg agent and all of the sprites, body data, and genetics you will need to bring the Remastered Glacier Ettins into your world. If the egg agent doesn't inject them correctly, just drag and drop all of the included folders into your main Docking Station directory (and your secondary if necessary - Split installs complicate normal agent unpacking, and sometimes stray body data gets where it's not supposed to go). There are a few different versions of the genome provided so you can select your favorite to use for Muco.

-Sincerely, CosmicSynthetics/The Crafty Shee

GENUS: Ettin
BREED SLOT: Ettin X (Replaces the original version of the Glacier Ettins)

Original Glacier Genome
	-The very original Glacier genome, unaltered except for the breed slots being updated to reflect the breed's new, full-body sprites.
Original C3 Desert Ettin Genome
	-Reskinned original Desert Ettin genome. Nice if you just want the breed for its sprites.

Avocado: Original Glacier Ettin Concept, Sprite Art, Body Data, etc.
Contact Info:
	Email - *****
	Website -

Jesseth "The Mossy Shee": Revamp Concepts, Sprite Art, Fixes
Contact Info: 
	Email - *****
	Website -
CosmicSynthetics "The Crafty Shee": Sprites, Body Data, Fixes, Bug Testing
Contact Info:
	Email - *****
	Website -


- You may rehost Remastered Glacier Ettins anywhere you'd like as long as:
	- You keep this information document ("GGLACIER_ETTIN_INFORMATION.txt") in the download.
	- You give credit to the creators.
	- You do not use the art, writing, etc within this agent for use in other projects or monetary gain.
- You may include the Remastered Glacier Ettin sprites in any genetic breeds you make in Creatures 3/Docking Station.

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Ettin: 'x'
	- MALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult, Old]
	- FEMALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult, Old]