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For use with Geat Masta's C2toDS.

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::----- C2toDS emitters.txt -----::
C2 to DS emitters

This will add light, heat, soil moisture, fertiliser, home smell, and smell-of-oceans emitters to the entirety of Geat_masta's C2 to DS world.  There are no seasonal variations in what they emit, but norns, ettins and grendels should find the environment comfortable, unless they take a long walk off a short pier... 

They use the classifier number 1 1 5800, to match the rest of C2toDS's classifiers.

Please host this file with C2toDS!

Based on Clohse's Montu Emitters fix, with lots of help from Moe and Moe's Room Changer.

For further information, read this June 2009 thread: