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Released for the CCSF 2023, Verm's first project utilizing CRAG, the Nurse Bots are helpful little bots that want to care for creatures, with various functions helping them at their task.

I made a lot of mistakes in their original download, and later I wanted to add rotation and swap support, as well as more cloak designs, and thus version 2.25 was born.

Nurse Bots use a TWB genome but are heavily modified so that can likely live in even very cold/hot environments.

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::----- Readme.txt -----::
Nurse Bots
By Verm


Install guide:

1. Put the .wavs in the Sound folder

2. Put all .cos files in the Bootstrap/010 Docking Station or Bootstrap/010 Docking Station Patches folder. Sensorimotor and Peripheral Input is optional, but recommended

3. Put all .c16s in the Images folder

4. Put the Nurse Bot Dispenser in the Agents folder, as well as any of the optional agents.

5. If you were using a version made before 2.25, make sure to replace all your files with the new ones included. The updater will inject these scripts in old worlds and update the Nurse Bots who will cloned due to the changes of how their sprites work.

Check the catalogue file for some options. Note, if you don't have any geat voices installed, there's a small chance blue nurse bots won't work. You have been warned.

Nurse Bots are biomechanical beings likely left behind by the Shee. They're quite similiar to creatures on the capilata and ark, except very small, and gadget-like.

Nurse Bots are best raised with other creatures, but it is possible to raise many alone.

It's recommended that if you want to be able to edit their names or look at their creature history, to install the CRAG patch.

To hatch some, inject the Nurse Bot Dispenser! To read more, look at the care guide pdf provided.

2.25 adds rotation and swap that can mutate and be passed down to their children, as well as different cloak patterns and colors based on their variant. The Nurse Bot genomes have also been tweaked to be generally less likely to laser creatures and other Nurse Bots.

Nurse Bots use a modified TWB genome.

Also included with them are:

Nurse Doll

A doll shaped like a Nurse Bot. Nurse Bots view it as their own, but Ettins might take it home.

Egg Pillow

A fluffy pillow that's shaped and smells like an egg. Nurse Bots view it as home, but Grendels might take it home.