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The Albian Penguin is thought to have been a reward for registering your copy of Creatures 2, but it is now included as part of the Steam release of The Albian Years. Norns!

The Albian Penguin is an official Creatures 2 critter COB. A playful critter, the Albian Penguin will follow you anywhere if you tickle him, but especially likes being taken somewhere he can swim and eat Zander fish. When swimming, the penguin has a rippling effect that may be intended to simulate refraction in water.

The penguin can die if it doesn't eat for an in-game year. It can also drag the controller for the Christmas Fairy Lights around the world!

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The Albian Penguin

The Albian penguin is a tame critter. He is also very playful. If tickled, he will follow you anywhere, but particularly likes being taken to a place where he can swim. The Albian penguin lives on Zander fish, but does not like to catch them himself. If a fish is placed in front of him, however, he will gobble it up immediately. He needs to be fed at least every 4 days in order to survive. Beware: If you put too many penguins in the world, there may not be enough Zander fish for them to all survive!

Top tip: To make more Zander fish, get hold of the Zander fish egg launcher (It can be found under the boiler next to the library). Zander fish eggs only hatch in the fall.