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Sahara Norns are adapted to the life in the desert, becoming more efficient with food. They are also able to eat garbage when food is scarce.

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::----- sahara.txt -----::
Sahara Norns
Creatures 3 Norn Breed
Genome by Alien - Sprites by Mummy - Agent by MadDoc

Place the agent file in your "My Agents" folder and select the breed 
on the egglayer display. After creating an egg all files will be placed
in the right folders. Please note that you need to have installed the 
Update 2 for Creatures 3. The Sahara Norns can be used with Docking 
Station, too.

The Genome:
Over times the Norns living in the desert adapted to the harsh conditions 
they were living in. With the scarce food the desert provides, the Sahara's 
metabolism has to make the best out of it. They still their hunger for 
proteins with food normal norns can't. So they don't have to rely on a 
constant supply of fruits. However, they will be pleased to find some lemons 
lying around!
They're fine with everything they can get for eating. They like to eat 
critters as well as detritus and they don't get sick of it. However, they 
can still get infected by bacterias.
Their hunger can be easily stilled, so they have plenty of time for their 
entertainment! Make sure you keep a supply of toys around them, they like 
to play with!
As they are adapted to the desert, they like to stay there and feel com-
pletely at home. Sometimes one or the other of the Sahara Norns might 
take a stroll through the ship. They like to explore their surroundings as 
much as the other norn breeds do.
In the hot weather conditions of the desert pregnancies can be quite a 
chore as it makes the females feel even hotter than normal! So pregnancies 
for Saharas are shorter than normal norns have and boy! They surely feel 
better, after having dropped that egg!

Other Features:
The Sahara Norns occupy geat slot S.

Please don't post the Sahara Norns on your own website without the explicit 
permission of the authors. You are free to distribute the descendants of the 
Sahara Norns.

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Geat: 's'
	- MALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult, Old]
	- FEMALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult, Old]

Breed Images

Breed C3SS preview
Breed C3SS preview
Breed C3SS preview
Breed C3SS preview
5b33 - Breed C3SS
5b33 - Breed C3SS