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  • Creatures 3
  • Docking Station
  • Emzie
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Important Note: Your game will crash if you do not have Creatures 3 installed or have the sound files for the pink poodle ettins!

This hunt is no Yolk!You can use the Pink Poodle Ettin sounds if you only have DS.

This breed occupies Ettin Slot R, thus it conflicts with the Rain Ettin.

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::----- README.rtf -----::
***BE SURE YOU HAVE CREATURES 3 INSTALLED OR GET THE SOUNDS FOR THE PINK POODLE ETTINS!  YOUR GAME WILL CRASH IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE SOUND FILES FOR ETTINS!*** You can get the Pink Poodle Ettins sounds if you only have DS:  This breed occupies Ettin Slot R, thus it conflicts with the Rain Ettins.    Installation for Windows 1. Place all the .c16 files from the Images folder in your Program Files/Docking Station/Images folder (or for C3, Program Files/Creatures 3/Images) 2. Place the .gen and .gno files from the Genetics folder in Program Files/Docking Station/Genetics (Program Files/Creatures 3/Genetics) 3. Place the .agent file in your Program Files/Docking Station/My Agents (Program Files/Creatures 3/Agents)  For Mac: 1. Find Docking Station or Creatures 3 in your Applications folder. 2. Right click (or ctrl click) and choose Open Package Contents. 3. Open the folder Contents, then MacOS, then data.   4. Put the Image files from the download in your Images folder, the Genetics in the Genetics folder, and the agent in the My Agents folder.

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Ettin: 'r'
	- MALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult]
	- FEMALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult]

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C16 Preview - f60r[5]
C16 Preview - f60r[5]