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::----- Short Name List - readme.txt -----::
If you are reading this, then you've gotten the random_name_bits.catalogue file made/compiled by Splincer.

Included in the .zip file this readme should have come in is this readme, a 120x150 pixel image that shows
sample names, and the name list itself.

To use the name list, you need the "Protective Tub Autonamer" agent made by Amaikokonut.
You will need to place the random_name_bits.catalogue file in the "Catalogue" folder of your C3 or DS game folder.
The "Protective Tub Autonamer" agent should go in the "My Agents" folder of the same C3 or DS game folder.
If you have another name list installed already, be sure to back it up so you don't lose it!


I (Splincer) am quite lazy when it comes to naming my C3/DS creatures. I prefer to just have an auto namer
do it so I don't have to, but some names can be rather long. I didn't want to have to type so much if I had
to tell a creature something, so I made a list that would only make short names!

This name list will spit out names that are no longer than seven characters, including the space between the
first and second "words". The down side to this list is that most of the "words" aren't words, but combinations
of letters that I (Splincer) was able to pronounce out loud. It might not work out the same for everyone else.

Any words that might fall into blatently offensive or non-family-friendly (or close to either) are not on
this list. However, I can only account for my own preferances and the English language, as that's all I have
to go by. If anyone wants to look over the list for other no-no words I missed, it is in alphabetical order
for your convenience. If anyone needs to know the words I removed, they can message me on Creature Caves.