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Aquanornia Revamped by Yomegami for Docking Station, metaroom

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::----- Aquanornia-Revamped-Readme.txt -----::
AQUANORNIA REVAMPED of Jennie and Grendel Man

"This was thrown together in two days and patched up over the following week... Bugs and suchlike. But at the time, it was the only aquatic metaroom with a decent sized body of water (about 3 stories). Wasn't a bad little place, but have a look . . ."
-Jennie, on the original version of Aquanornia

Aquanornia is one of the oldest aquatic metarooms around, and one of the few that's receptive to non-swimming creatures. However, it really hasn't aged gracefully - on top of a few bugs, there's the fact that it won't work with DS standalone - it needs C3 standalone or a docked world to function correctly, and the supposed DS version is actually buggier than the C3 standalone version. Since Jennie is apparently no longer a member of the CC, I hope she won't mind my updating her room. 

Changes from the original Aquanornia:

* The room now injects into all game combinations: C3 standalone, DS standalone, and DS docked. However, you will need C3 installed regardless since the room draws some of its resources from C3 (such as the elevator sprites). 
* The room has been remapped slightly.
* The wooden platform is now semi-permeable, allowing some objects to fall through it. In addition, Grendels who try to ride the lift to the level immediately below it won't teleport up a floor.
* The uppermost aquatic level is a little more navigable now. 
* All of the C3 life within the room has been removed, as have the cheese machines. 
* CA has been added. Light and heat varies depending on the time of day. 
* The levels of the room connected by lifts have been linked up.
* The lifts themselves have recieved Vampess's edits - they now only pick up one creature at a time should they be activated by a creature, and they won't pick up random objects that were dropped into them. 
* The doors have been recoded - in DS, both doors are stone doors that can be picked up and moved, and the autokill error that plagued the original DS Aquanornia's doors has been fixed. In C3, one of the doors is found on the bridge and neither door can be picked up. In addition, the camera won't jump to the doors should a creature use one.
* Both the DS and C3 versions of the room have a favorite place icon. 

The room's changed quite a bit, as you can see. Noticably, the lack of native lifeforms has made the room a bit empty upon injection; but like the Biodome it is quite customizable. With some added outside agents, it makes a fine home for aquatic creatures. 

I should note that really large creatures, like the Sabertooth Norns, might have some difficulty navigating the room since in some places the ceiling is a bit low. 

Installation: Put the .agents file into your "Creatures 3/My Agents" or "Docking Station/My Agents" folder, and you can inject Aquanornia with the C3 Creator or DS Agent Injector. 

Apart from Jennie (who originally made this room and therefore has most of the rights to it), I would prefer it if no one hosted this on their own website unless the Realm goes down and they cannot contact me.

Questions? Comments? E-mail *****

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Agent Preview - Aquanornia (DS)
Agent Preview - Aquanornia (DS)