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Hulk_Grendels by Carolyn and Christian Herwitz for Creatures 2, contains a new sprite breed, and 3 grendel exports

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::----- Readme.txt -----::
These are the Hulk Grendels for Creatures 2, complete with sprites
for baby, child and adult stages. They take slot H.

The male sprites were created by Christian Herwitz, who has many
interesting items at his site:

The female sprites are the same, copied to the H female slot, and
green-tinted by the genome.  It is the female which is more of a
classic colour for Hulk, the male being more of an impressive
purply-green with glittering eye-sockets...

The genome is based on Slink's C306/C307 which can be found, thanks
to the kind host Jann, at

The whole package has been put together to take slot H and released,
at the request of the sprite creator, by Carolyn Horn, who also is
responsible for any disasters in the genome.

A few words about the genome:

Being Hulks, these are somewhat more aggressive than the originals,
and they are able to survive in air or water environments.  However,
as with the C306/C307 originals, they don't much like being
repeatedly hit or crowded, and you will at various times see the
health bar flashing -- and hear the grendel groan -- although the
other indications will show no problems. Simply move the grendel
someplace where it can rest and have a bite to eat. The glycogen
will recover and the health bar will clear. 

Also as with the C306/C307, they will be born thirsty.

The files which you should find in this package are: -- the att files; put these in the Body Data directory

The sprites (.s16 files); put these in the images directory: -- the male head sprites -- the female head sprites -- the body sprites for male and female.

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Grendel: 'h'
	- MALE: [Child, Youth]
	- FEMALE: [Child, Youth]

Creature Contents

Name: Fifi
Genus: Grendel
Gender: Female


Name: Geronimo
Genus: Grendel
Gender: Male


Name: Hope
Genus: Grendel
Gender: Female