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Surprisingly healthy chocolates! This cob injects one wrapped chocolate into the hand; when eaten, it reduces hunger and gives a large amount of starch. Also contains maximum reward, so good for training creatures to eat. Wrappers appear in one of three colours. Uses class number 2 6 65.

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::----- wrapped chocolates.txt -----::
Wrapped Chocolates

An after dinner treat! Three different flavours! Premium milk chocolate!

Object Numbers:
Family 2 Genus 6 species 65

Files included
 wrapped chocolates.cob
 wrapped chocolates.rcb

To use:
1. Extract the wrapped chocolates.cob and wrapped chocolates.rcb file to the main /Creatures/ directory. 
2. Extract hlol.spr  to the /creatures/images/ directory.
3. Inject cob using the object injector kit available from http://www.creatures.co.uk
4. To remove, select the cob by clicking on it, in the object injector, and hit the remove button.

This cob is made by Helen please do not distribute it in ANY form (web page, cd-ROM, etc) unless you have permission. 
email: *****@frimlin.co.nz
UIN: 3378233
URL: http://www.frimlin.co.nz/helen/

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Wrapped Chocolates