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These are invisible in their adult stage, which is used for the picture

Text File Composite

::----- Trans Ettin.txt -----::
Trans Ettin

All life on albia is changing, evolving.
Nothing can stop this, nothing should.
Soon the way of life for the inhabitants
will change they will evolve into their
last stage, they will transcend, leave
the confines of a physical body to only
be mental energy. The Ettins are close and
will be the first.
Ever since their release from the ground
by the volcano, Ettin DNA has been changing
for the better. Some Ettin are close to
the next step, so close they can exist as
condensed mental energy, they can live
without a physical form but still can
only be in one place at a time, not omnipotent.
This, even though they have evolved is not easy
and some are forced back into a physical
body until they can control it again.

These Ettin are the Trans Ettin
To play with the Trans Ettin unzip all the
files ending in .s16 
(first pick which file format is relevant to you
either 555 or 565) into your images file
(normally C:\Progam Files\Creatures2\Images\)
and all files ending in .att into the body data
(normally C:\Progam Files\Creatures2\Body data\)
Then import Alpha (male) and Omega (female)
into your creatures world using the import 

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Ettin: 't'
	- MALE: [Child]
	- FEMALE: [Child]
	- MALE: [Senile]

Creature Contents

Name: Alpha
Genus: Ettin
Gender: Male


Name: Omega
Genus: Ettin
Gender: Female

Breed Images

Breed C3ET preview
Breed C3ET preview