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Psychadelic Ron Norn by Spotling for Creatures 1, contains sprite files

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::----- Psychadelic Ron Norn.txt -----::
Psychadelic Ron Norn

In the Images folder there is a sprite called Full.spr  It contains the whole psychadelic Ron in one sprite file, but the way Creatures works, each body part uses a different sprite.  So we copied the pictures into separate sprites and renamed them.  We only did the head and body because the arms and legs have too many small parts.  

You need Life Kit #1 for these to work.  Please save your original
sprites before you use these.  Go to the Images folder and find the
sprites named a026 and b026.  Temporarily rename them or put them in a a different folder.  Then put the modified a026 and b026 sprites into the Images folder.  When you start your Creatures game, the adult male Ron Norns will have the colorful heads and bodies. Only  the adult male Ron Norns will be colorful.  The females and younger or older males will look like regular Ron Norns.

If you want the original Ron Norns back, rename the modified sprites or
move them into a different folder and put back the original a026 and
b026 sprites.



Norn and Grendel Paradise

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Norn: '6'
	- MALE: [Adolescent]

Other Images

SPR Preview - b026[5]
SPR Preview - b026[5]