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Christmas Tree & Decorations for Creatures 2, a toy agents

Text File Composite

::----- ChristmasTree.txt -----::

      HH             Christmas Tree CObs
    H@@HNH             for Creatures 2
  HHMMNHMHNM             by Freya   
HNHHHHHNHMHHNN    e-mail: *****

Hi and Merry Christmas everyone! When Cyberlife went and made their Christmas_98 cob pack, there was one thing they forgot; or didn´t have time for: a Christmas tree.
So I went ahead and made one, and also some decorations to get into that festive spririt. Enjoy..:)

Q: What will these cobs do?
Whenever a norn looks at the Christmas tree, it will
receive the following:
Need for pleasure: -100
Loneliness: -100
Boredom: -100
Stress: -100

You can left-click on each of the decorations in order to get more. Just watch out so you don´t get too many, as each cob slows down the game.

Q: How do I get these cobs into Albia?

A: To use these cobs, copy the file called ChrisTree
into your Creatures2/Objects directory . 
While running Creatures 2, click on the Injector Kit and
choose from the menu.

Q: Christmas is over. How do I remove the cobs?

A: Open the injector kit, choose the cobs you want
to remove and click on "Remove". You can also remove just the christmas box (in case it´s in the way)

Q: Why do these cobs have such strange colors?

Agent Contents

Christmas Box

A Christmas box filled with nice decorations for your Christmas tree.


Christmas Tree

A festive Christmas tree that you can decorate and place gifts under for your norns.

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