Osiris Norn II v1.0

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Revamped version of the Osiris norns. Not based on the updated (expressive) C3 breeds. Has lots of changes and fixes.

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::----- readme.txt -----::
O S I R I S    N O R N    I I

This is the standard readme file for Osiris Norn II, and outlines all pertinent information regarding
the breed. This includes features, updates, instructions for use, contact information, and other
information related to the Osiris Project and it's results.


What is Osiris?

Osiris Norn II is a complete revamp of the Osiris concept, totally from scratch. 
Osiris Norn II is a breed for the game Creatures 3, created by Cyberlife. It has many
enhancements over the default breeds, while still maintaining certain vulnerabities and
quirks that make it the natural creature that it is. It can be freely bred with any Norn
you wish, but it maintains it's hardiness best when bred only with others of it's kind.


Egg grabbing instinct reduces risk of losing Norn eggs to the Grendels, while
simultaneously reducing the survival rate of the Ettin and Grendel species.

Tool pushing instinct makes it far more likely for an Osiris Norn II to use
knowledge stones and pickups.

Instinctive hatred of Ettins and Grendels make Osiris Norn II a truly dominant
creature, as they can easily subdue large numbers of both. Osiris II makes it's
dominance felt most fully, actually detecting and hunting Grendels across great

Evolved homing instincts and reactions allow Osiris Norn II to call anyplace suitable
for life, home, as they seek all needed comfort and companionship from other Norns,
regardless of location. This also helps ensure mating in low populations, as lonely
Osiris II Norns tend to seek each other out and thus mate.

Wide range of facial expression genes make Osiris Norn II a quite readable and
ambient creature. These are NOT based on Cyberlife's expressive breeds, but are
taken directly from that of Osiris I, which actually predates Cyberlife's updated

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