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::----- Maraquan Grendel Arm Fix Readme.txt -----::

If you use Trix's Maraquan Grendels and noticed that the adolescents and older have arms that detach at the elbow, this set of body data will reattach them. 

This is the first time I've ever dabbled with making BD properly! Definitely tedious as all heck, but it's not difficult at all once you learn what all those numbers mean. 

This pack DOES NOT contain the full Maraquan Grendel breed. If you want those, get them from Trix's Site, the Universe of Ettins (

Installation: If you have the Maraquan Grendels installed, put the .att files into your "Creatures 3/Body Data" or "Docking Station/Body Data" folder (you can back up the original files if you wish, though there's nothing lost from simply overwriting them in this case). When you open up the game again, your maraquan grendels should all have perfectly normal arms regardless of age.

As this is a fix for Trix's breed, it follows her copyright: that is, you can freely host and share it to your heart's content. Just make sure to credit Trix and I. 

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