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Adds Bibble words for Geats

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::----- readme.txt -----::

When you read this you probably just downloaded the catalogue files
with the label "geat bibbleish". Bibbleish is the pseudo-language
creatures use when they not able to speak properly. Examples for
Bibbleish are "eem examly boop" or "me foo dis".

You might ask now "Why should I add these files to my game? My
Creatures are already able to speak Bibbleish.
Answer: Not all your creatures can. When you try to hatch a Geat
(a not so common, 4th species together with Norns Ettins and
Grendels) you'll probably get an error like "Standart Geat Speak
Not Found" and your game shuts down without saving. These files
contain Bibbleish for Geats, too. So you are able to hatch them with
(almost) no risk.


Copy the files from the folder files_with_geat_bibble into the
Catalogue folder of DS. It will ask you to overwrite the existing
files. Yes, you want to overwrite them. Now start the game and finish.


The installation works exactly as the installation, but this time you
take the files from the folder original_files.