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Candle for Creatures 1, agents

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::----- Candle.txt -----::
Thanxs for Downloading my Candle, this is a variation on the
Space Heater, in the respect that it is smaller and more compact
than the huge heater.


Fire.spr, this goes in your Creatures/Images directory.  It`s the
Candle picture.

This is the Candle object, place it in your Creatures directory.

Candle Remover.cob
This removes all Candles from Albia, place it in the same place as
the last .cob.

This file.

Injecting the candle will add 1 candle in the hand.

Operation: Click the candle to make it hotter, it has 5 settings from warm
to flaming.  WARNING: Be careful when the Candle is on high, if a Norn
picks it up, the wax will melt onto it`s hand and burn him/her.  When
you inject the candle it will be on the lowest setting.

Agent Contents


Candle Remover