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EryxGrendel by Studz for Creatures 2, contains a new sprite breed, and agents

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::----- Eryx Read Me 565.rtf -----::
Studz Worlds first own project  
  These Creatures are a Grendel species. 
      They use the Grendel slot ‘ E’  
      These creatures are for Creatures 2  
  565 version  
       Execute the file Eryx.exe, this will install the sprites, ATTs and genetics and other needed files for the Eryx to be used on your computer. 
 Included in this zip you should find two Eryx ready for use, both at adult stage and both have a full vocabulary. 
  About the Eryx:  
     These fearsome creatures are distant cousins of the Bulbous Grendel. 
 They are known as Eryx  (yes, that is the correct spelling of their name, it was taken from a snake book it is the scientific name for some types of snakes). 
 They are very aggressive beings, and they can kill other creatures. 
 The males are green and the female are Purple. 
 They are a cross breed between Dragon Norns, Bulbous Grendals and Bony Grendals. The spines on their backs are from a possible genetic mutation as none o f the three breeds involved have them. These creatures have the aggression of the Bony Grendal, the ignorance to pain and intelligence of the Dragon Norns. The only apparent thing that they have in inherited from the Bulbous Grendel was the humped back.  
 There is one CoB with this bred which is the ‘ Edible Creature’  CoB, this CoBs allows the Eryx to eat other creatures. Which can make the Eryx a health hazard to all other creatures. (There are 2 CoBs in the one CoB file a CoB that makes  Ettins Edible and one that makes Norns Edible, but they this means any creature can eat a Norn or Ettin) 
  Caring for your Eryx: 
 The Eryx are very intelligent so they do need some intelligent stimulus, though it is not important. You can stimulate them by letting them play with the Dog near the Ettin area. And if you have my Pack’ O’ Lot’ O’  Stuff CoB then you can have as many Dogs as you like.  
 These creatures can be looked after as you would look after any other creature, as they don’ t *really* need any special treatment. 
  Trouble shooting: 
 Question: The graphics on my computer look silly? 
 Answer: This is because you computer does not support the ‘ 565’  type graphics. You need to download the ‘ 555’  type version. 
 Question: Can I breed my Eryx? 
 Answer: Yes, this Grendel species is able to breed. 
 Project leader: Studz 
 Sprites: Studz  
 CoBs: Studz and ??? 

Agent Contents

Edible Norns - Eryx

This CoB means your Norns can be eaten by Grendels, Ettins and other Norns. CoB by Studz

Edilbe Ettins - Eryx

This CoB means your Ettins can be eaten by Grendels, Norns and other Ettins. CoB by Studz

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Grendel: 'e'
	- MALE: [Child]
	- FEMALE: [Child]

Breed Images

C2 - Eryx Grendel - C2GE.png
C2 - Eryx Grendel - C2GE.png