Roast Mock Ettin

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Give your Creatures something interesting to digest! No worries: No Ettins were harmed.

Ylukyun says: "A satisfying meal comprised mostly of textured vegetable protein. Developed by a Shee scientist to satisfy his cannibalistic Ettin's desires without putting any other Creatures at risk. Provides protein, starch and a little fat. It tastes just like the real thing, and is totally free of such horrifying things as carrots and potatoes. This COB is injected under the splicer near the volcano door. Uses classifier 2 6 29500. No known issues."

Part of the CCSF 2013.

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::----- Roast-Mock-Ettin-Readme.txt -----::

This C2 COB (Roast Mock Ettin) was created by ylukyun ***** for the CCSF 2013. Last updated on October 23 2013 (Version 1.0) Classifier 2 6 29500. No known issues. To install, place the file Roast_Ettin.cob in the Objects folder of the Creatures 2 directory. The sprite file (rett.s16) is self extracting. If experiencing image issues, find the file rett.s16 and replace it with the file rett_555.s16.

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Roast Mock Ettin

A satisfying meal comprised mostly of textured vegetable protein.