Day #9 Once more with feeling

Tomorrow will be the final day, with the last of the entries going out, along with some bugfixes for existing submissions (I have a work meeting today that prevents me from making one huge final post).

Today will be the intended last real prize in the Easter Egg hunt, but I have a small prize for tomorrow lined up as well.

Submission #1: Sun Plushie

Mea is really knocking it out of the park with these! A plush for everyone and everyone a plush. This was one of her first submissions (along with tomorrows final). Mea’s description:

These soft, cuddly, sun shaped plushies love to rise and fall while your creatures play with them. Sometimes these sun plushies might not want to come back down. Just click them a few times and they should fall right back down. Be careful, if you have creatures that are sensitive to light or heat. These plushies do give off tiny amounts of heat and light when played with. The toybox itself is a smart vendor, but if you still end up with too many toys, then you can remove the extra toys by holding ctrl + shift and clicking on the toys you want to remove.

Submission #2: Super Sonic Sanitizer

An agent by CosmicSynthetics I truly was looking for, this little thing cleanses bacteria, one of my least favorite things in DS/C3! CS provided a description for this one:

A simple but effective tool for keeping your world clean and free of deadly germs.

Simply click the Super Sonic Sanitizer to automatically kill all bacteria! Especially useful in warp worlds where you never know what diseases creatures will bring with them. The SSS can be placed anywhere you’d like, including the background and your inventory.

Shift-click the SSS to put it in auto-mode! It will automatically kill any bacteria present in your world on a timer.

Submission #3:Planet Ball (turns out i released that already) so now it’s Konpeito Cloud & Jar

The lovely duo, CosmicSynthetics and Jesseth have provided us with this really cool Konpeito cloud and jar! Their description:

Two agents in one! A cloud (weather) and a jar (dispenser) that vend ultra nutritious and colorful konpeito candies (seed).

The konpeito cloud acts as an infrequent but extremely healthy food source for creatures. Ever five or so minutes, a random amount of konpeito candies will rain down from the cloud and scatter about. The candies have a soothing effect and contain some pure ATP, making it a potentially life-saving snack. The jar is an on-demand version of this, and activating or hitting it has the same calming effect as the candies.

Shift-click the cloud or the jar to flip them for aesthetic purposes.

Submission #4: Time to Eggsplore Something New!

Day #1: An old world converted to new, the build number is 2328.
Day #2: Affectionately known as “Trash Pandas” these norns were originally created by Sentinal and abandoned, only to be restored by Verm and myself.
Day #3: This official breed had two jolly iterations, a year apart. the one you’re looking for was made in a year ending in 7.
Day #4: This C1 agent was my first creation. the doll of a famous Italian plumber. It can also be found as an easter egg in C12DS.
Day #5: In my mirror universe these themed Ettins for C3/DS would have been a perfect submission for today!
Day #6: This C3/DS Metaroom has no known author and is primarily made in MS Paint. Manhattan has a very famous “Central” one of these.
Day #7: This agent is required for many of Mea’s submissions. 1.0 should do the trick.
Day #8: This object is one of the last things Steve Grand still has of his time working on C1. While never released officially, this cob, made by Slink, is full of hot air!
Day #9: This was my first collaboration with Clucky. They’re cold and you can throw them. circa 2002. This was the first year that CL/GWD didn’t do anything for Christmas, so I stepped in and made a fake account called Santa Paws. Other things were made, but this is the only surviving one i can think of. I made the sprites in Bryce.